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Guidelines and Tips

  1. Every candidate for membership must be sponsored by an active Oceanside Rotary member.  If you are interested in joining Rotary, you may obtain the membership application from your sponsor or contact our Membership Chair at
  2. Your sponsor will discuss the financial obligations as well as the other requirements of being a member of Rotary.  The candidate is encouraged to attend weekly meetings upon invite by the sponsor.
  3. The candidate will have a "Fire Side Chat" with members of Rotary for a discussion around membership.
  4. The sponsor will submit the candidate's application to the Club for approval.
  5. Once the club has approved the candidate, the sponsor will inform the candidate of the induction date.
  6. The newly appointed member starts in the Red Badge Program.  Please click on the Documents tab and the Membership folder for Red Badge Program guidelines.
  7. Once Red Badge Program guidelines have been met, the member moves to the Blue Badge Program.
  8. Members are expected to pay their quarterly dues and any other assessments within 30 days of the invoice date.
  9. Part of the obligation of a Rotary member is to attend Rotary meetings or events.  The guidelines are as follows:
    • Every member of Rotary should attend its regular meetings. A member shall be counted as attending a regular meeting of this club if such member is present for at least 60 percent of the time devoted for the regular meeting or makes up for an absence in any of the following ways:
      1. If he or she attends the meeting of another Rotary Club at any time within 14 days before or after the usual time for that meeting.
      2. Attends a convention of Rotary International, or other institutes, meetings, etc. as outlined in the Manual of Procedure.
      3. Attends a club service project designated by the Board as an official make-up for club members.
      Each member must 
      1. Attend or make up at least 60 percent of club regular meetings in each half of the Rotary year.
      2. Attend at least 30 percent of the regular meetings of this club in each half of the Rotary year.

      The membership of any member can be automatically terminated if, without the consent of the board for good and sufficient reason, the member fails to attend or make up four consecutive club meetings.

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