Effective 2019, Jacksonville Oceanside will administer an additional $5,000 college scholarship, available to all Fletcher High School graduates who are accepted and attend a hidden ivy college for their freshman year.  For a detailed list of the 63 hidden ivy colleges, please consult the 3rd addition of "The Hidden Ivies" coauthored by Howard R. Greene M.A.M.Ed. and Matthew W. Greene, Phd.


To qualify and receive this scholarship, the student should first notify Fletcher guidance counselors and the Oceanside Rotary Education Chair or Senior leadership that they plan to attend a hidden ivy college.  Upon confirmation of classes, the student will send by attachment his/her acceptance letter, class transcripts and current mailing address to the Jacksonville Oceanside mailbox, oceansidejaxrotary@gmail.com using Hidden Ivy Scholarship as the subject.  The message will be routed to the Education Chair who will review and forward to our treasurer to generate the scholarship payment.  The payment will be made in the name of the qualifying student. 


Please send any questions you may have to the Oceanside Rotary mailbox identified above. Thank you.


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