Testimonials from scholarship recipients


My name is Jessy Motes. I am a recipient of the Rotary scholarship from the Fletcher High School class of 2014.

Last week, the last semester of my undergraduate career commenced, a fact that I am both excited and a bit intimidated by. Throughout the last four years, the Rotary scholarship has generously provided me with the ability to focus on my studies and to take advantage of opportunities that I may have otherwise not been financially able to.

In addition to financial support, the members of Rotary have been a powerful source of encouragement and set an example for how to live a life of purpose, compassion, and commitment. I am truly grateful to Rotary and indebted to them for their assistance during my college years.

As I move into the next phase of my life, I will carry with me the principles of kindness and giving that Rotary instills in everything they do.




Matt Caldwell


As a recipient of the Oceanside Rotary Scholarship I have been fortunate enough to receive financial assistance for the two years of my undergraduate education and being that I am graduating early and continuing to earn my master’s degree I will receive financial aid for this degree as well. I am currently a second-year student, but a senior by credits at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

Receiving the financial aid has allowed me to participate in opportunities across the globe and continue my pursuit of being well rounded and understand many perspectives. The money I received directly went to fund my study abroad programs to both London in December of 2016 where I learned about taking American ideas and implementing them into European markets.  I was also able to see firsthand the cultural differences between the two continents. In December of 2017, I travelled to Hong Kong to hear from over thirteen company executives on how to be competitive as a company globally, and how to stay competitive on the job market when I start applying. The Oceanside Rotary scholarship has made my dream of going international a reality.

In addition to going international, with the increased costs of graduate school, the scholarship will be helping me to pay for a part of my tuition as I go on to achieve my Early Advantage Master’s of Business Administration from Rollins College this upcoming Fall. I am so thankful to Oceanside Rotary for their financial support of my academic endeavors and each summer I look forward to coming back to the morning meetings to update the rotary club of my past years accomplishments and give thanks in person to all the rotary members who have been so kind to me for so many years.

I thank you again for your years of support that have happened and your support in the future.

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