Oceanside Rotary Scholarship Application Criteria

We are delighted that you are applying for one of our Oceanside Rotary Scholarships

We will be awarding three scholarships for 2019

One 4 year scholarship of $1000/per year (total $4,000)

Two 1 year scholarships of $1000



  • Student must be an Interact Student at Fletcher High School
  • Student must be a senior applying to a four year college
  • Completed application
  • Recipient of four-year scholarship must submit completed grades for past year and schedule of classes for following year prior to receiving subsequent year funding


Application Criteria:

  •  Student must first submit an essay of 250 to 500 words.
  • Topics to cover:
    • Reasons for having joined Interact
    • Academic experience in High School
    • Leadership experience in or outside of Interact
    • Current career goals at this time
    • Identify other aspirations you have as you begin college
    • Share the 6 areas of focus of Rotary International and your experiences this last year aligned to one
  • Interview by Rotary Scholarship Committee
  • Grades/SAT Scores (weighted 50:50)
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